Ambassador Profile: Celeste D’Orazio


I decided to become an SBI ambassador because I had such a wonderful experience with this program. I made great friends that I might not have met otherwise, and I created relationships with teachers and other professionals which I am so fortunate for. I want to be able to help others who are considering this incredible opportunity, and I consider myself to be a great example of how you can combine your love for your major with a new business minor.

Since graduating SBI, I have just started my role this semester as the new VP of Finance for the Villanova Panhellenic Council Executive board. I was inspired to apply for this position due to my background in finance from SBI. I have the responsibility of developing and working with the sorority recruitment budget and overseeing other finances, but it also allows me to work on a team with 7 other women to promote a more positive image of Greek Life and further unite Villanova’s chapters. I am also continuing my business education as a finance minor, and am taking Fixed Income Markets and Valuation this semester.

SBI gave me the opportunity to pursue the field of financial services which I had not considered prior to this past summer. I always liked working with numbers, but I wanted more than just that. I learned that this industry would be a great way to combine my math skills with my desire to create lasting relationships with people. As a math major, I have developed great analytic and problem solving skills, but SBI allowed me to further improve my creativity and leadership skills through the marketing and management group project.

The most valuable skill that I developed in SBI was the ability to work with a team, and what that truly means. Our team would spend hours upon hours together, and I learned when it was my time to lead, but also my time to follow and listen to others. I will be able to use this skill with my new team on Panhell, and look forward to see what creative ideas we come up with. SBI also helped me to be more aware and involved in what is going on in our world, which is a skill which will serve me greatly for the rest of my life.

Presenting our CE group project to professionals and representatives from QVC was the most valuable and memorable experience of SBI. My team was composed of students with different majors and interests, and I think that is what made us truly bond and respect one another. We all brought innovative ideas to the table and we became more than just a team, but a group of friends working towards the same goal. Some of us were good with numbers, others had unbelievable creativity, and others had astonishing public speaking and presenting skills. This group project made SBI one of my favorite summers ever, despite being in school!

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