Ambassador Profile: Sara Casagrand


When I applied to SBI and even when I started during the summer of 2013, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in life. As a rising sophomore, I was still undecided about my major, as well as uncertain about my interests and talents. Business was a whole new world for me and, to be honest, it intimidated me at first. Soon, however, I started to love the real-world application and interconnectedness of each of the SBI classes I took.

My favorite part of my SBI experience was our Competitive Effectiveness class. I quickly developed a strong interest in marketing—and then the wheels started turning. I decided I wanted to complement my brand-new business minor with a marketing minor. Then I chose my major, Communication, and my concentration, Writing & Rhetoric, based on my other skills and interests. Public relations, business, marketing, and writing—I’ve found that each of my academic areas of study overlap and inform one another, and I’m so pleased with the opportunities that this combination has provided me with.

SBI was tough; the program challenged me mentally (and sometimes emotionally and physically) on a daily basis. But completing the program has almost single-handedly determined my career path. I spent the summer after SBI as a content creation intern with Hello Marketing, a small inbound marketing agency, because of the writing and the marketing skills that I brought to the table—skills I would not have had if I hadn’t already earned a business minor. It’s difficult to put into words how important SBI was to my college experience. But, in short, SBI provided me with a game plan for my career and gave me the confidence to compete in the business world, even as a Liberal Arts student.

I’m currently enjoying my junior year here at Villanova. I am an SBI Ambassador and I will spend the semester as an intern working on SBI’s weekly Alumni Update newsletter. I’m also the Publications Coordinator of Alpha Gamma Delta and a member of Villanova’s Student Alumni Association. I look forward to seeing what my last collegiate summer and my senior year have in store!

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