Everything You Want to Know: Part 5


It’s been a while- but it is time for the final post of the things that everyone wants to know about SBI. These are the  final three questions that I had found that people wanted to know about SBI- but if there is any other pressing questions that you have about the program- let me know and the answers are all yours.

1. “So this might be a stupid question- but what do you wear to class?”

There is never a stupid question! Basically people wear what they wear to any class- and it’s summer and campus does get pretty hot so keep that in mind. But Barltey is also a tad on the chilly side- so plan accordingly. Just an insider tip. Also- you will need some business causal attire for the networking event, meeting the client, and for the presentation. So make sure to pack a few nice outfits for occasions like that.

2.  “How easy is it to go home on the weekends?”

It definitely depends where you live- classes end at 4 typically (sometimes 12 if there aren’t afternoon classes) so if you want to go home it is definitely possible. On most weekends, people are studying, doing work, or hanging out around campus. Students mostly chose to go home one or twice a month, and sometimes not even that many because home is just too far. But there is always something to do on campus- so you won’t feel the need to go home just to have something to do.

3. “I know that you have classes and the group project towards the end of the program- how time consuming are both because I feel like that is a ton of work?”

It definitely is a fair amount of work- but during the last week, the Applied Economics class is finished and it is just Competitive Effectiveness.  And even when they are both going, the majority of the homework for both classes is team work so a lot of it is allocation proper time to each class in the group setting. When Economics is done, we had that just in the morning, and then would work on the project in the afternoon. It is very manageable, just make sure you stay on top of timing and it will all get done!

Joke of the day:

Q: What type of shoes do thieves wear?

A: Sneakers

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