Ambassador Profile: Robbie Burd


The SBI Ambassadors program was definitely something that I wanted to be a part of because I loved the Summer Business Institute and wanted to help debunk some of the negative myths that I had heard prior to applying for the program.  Business is involved in everything.  It’s pretty hard to not be able to apply most of what you learned during SBI to any major on campus.  As an engineering major, business is never explicitly stated but when we are doing an experiment in the lab and trying to find the most efficient way to do a particular task, while using the least amount of material, I can think about how business is driving this.  One of the reasons we need to be efficient and use the least amount of material is because time and material cost money.

One of the reasons I was given the opportunity to work for a construction management company over the summer is because I understand the business aspects of things.  This company is not simply a construction company, but they are a company that takes a person’s idea and builds it from scratch.  They tell the customer the cost of what they’re building, how long it will take, and actually follow through with the build.  Not only will I be participating in the engineering parts of the construction, but I will be helping manage the finances for the projects and get a firsthand look at how this works.  The only reason I am able to participate in the business aspects of the projects is because of my business background from SBI.

Motivational Monday!


Happy Monday! We are three days from Easter break which is motivation enough to get through this week so I have decided to not make a post today.

Just kidding! We could always use more motivation am I right? Today’s post is an assessment (don’t sweat I promise it’s not for a grade) that determines your  motivational style. I  found it helpful because it addresses how you are more likely to be motivated and how to implement that in your life. There are three types of motivational styles- goal oriented, relationship oriented, and learning oriented. Goal oriented focuses on a style  in which people reach for their goals through a direct and obvious route. Relationship oriented motivation is a kind of motivation where people get a lot out of working with other people. Lastly, learning oriented motivations focuses on the practice of learning, itself, that motivates people. I thought this was interesting identifying what type of motivation I get the most out of and how that affects things I do- so have fun with it and I hope you have a great rest of your week!

TED Talk Thursday


Hello Readers! Today’s TED talk is really cool. I’m going to backtrack a bit to explain why I chose it- but I know you’ll love it. So first of all, I am a big Grey’s Anatomy fan and a few episodes ago, one of the surgeons did a superman pose before this life or death surgery and said that is scientifically proven to increase chances of success. I was intrigued so I did some research and it is most definitely a thing. If you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hand on your hips, and look in the upward direction, it stimulates cortisol release which basically stimulates that feel-good, indestructible feeling.

Now, I had a really hectic week last week- including 4 tests in 48 hours and an interview. So I did the pose for five minutes (that’s how long you are supposed to do it for) before each thing and was very successful for each one. Now- I don’t mean to say I rolled into these tests without studying, did the pose and just kind of hoped for the best. Rather, I did it to get me in the I can do this mind set and that is exactly what it did.

This video talks about the phenomena and I found it to be really interesting. It talks, in general, about a few other tricks that affect our emotions with respects to body language. So watch, enjoy, and do it before your next big thing and see how successful you are!

9 Weeks, 9 Songs


Hello readers- we are officially halfway through the week! It’s seems to be an awful week for everyone with tests and papers and things-so good luck with everything!

So I’m writing this on the gross day that is getting more gray and rainy by the second. How I wanted to spice up the day is by giving you all a new themed playlist that is all songs money and business. And well, since it nine weeks until the start of SBI (don’t forget to apply) I decided to make a list of 9 songs! They are all pretty catchy and just what you need to switch it up on this dreary Wednesday.

1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You (this seemed like an obvious choice) Mulan


2. 9 to 5 Dolly Parton

3. Money, Money, Money ABBA

4. Billionaire Bruno Mars

5. She Works Hard  for the Money  Donna Summer

6. Taking Care of Business Bachman-Turner Overdrive

7. Take the Money and Run Steve Miller Band

8. Baby Girl  Sugarland

9. Working for the Weekend Loverboy

Ambassador Profile: Alexandra Kinnally


Hey all! I’m Alexandra Kinnally, a senior Biochemistry major for White Plains NY with minors in Marketing and (of course) Business! I choose to become an SBI ambassador because of how valuable SBI was to me in introducing me to new fields of study and guiding me to determine a career path. The courses that I took during SBI motivated me to continue learning about business, and I worked toward a Marketing Minor by taking only three additional classes! These extra marketing classes gave me valuable information to talk about during interviews and the professional development skills taught during SBI’s “Professional Success” class helped me land a summer internship with Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, in their marketing department. This internship led to another during the school year at Compas Inc. All these experiences led me to consulting world, and after graduation I will be working as an Analyst for PA Consulting’s Healthcare and Life Science group.

All of these work experiences would not have been possible without the knowledge and skills I gained from SBI. The most valuable thing I can thank SBI for is giving me a contingency plan. I entered Villanova declared as a Biochemistry Major determined to go to Medical School after graduation. However, like so many others, I saw my aspirations change as I continued throughout my college journey. SBI was invaluable in helping me determine what opportunities are truly out there.

Motivational Monday


Happy Monday Folks! Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start already! We are just a week and a half away from break- we are so close, we got this.

I found this motivational video online- it’s a pretty cool video because it takes pop culture references like Tyler Perry, injured athletes, and Steve Jobs for example, and shows how they define success and have found it. It is, in my opinion, interesting to see just how far everyday people can take their talents if they believe in themselves. It’s a short video and there are a ton of uplifting take-aways like the importance of changing should’s to must’s and how that is a huge mindset needed to be successful. Also,  another important idea is that where you plant a seed, all you can do is water it and believe it will grow. I thought that was powerful and definitely applies to anything you do big or small. And one more important thought was to do what you love and have passion for what you do because it is so hard and any rational person would give up. Being in love with what you do makes you work harder than anyone else and thus will be more successful. So I hope it motivates you to be successful in whatever you do today, tomorrow, or the rest of this week.

Ambassador Profile:Samantha Focht



I first decided to become an SBI ambassador when I realized how much SBI enhanced my education. I learned so much in such a short amount of time and I cannot think of a more productive way to have spent my summer break. Since completing SBI, I have decided to pursue a finance minor and am now even considering a career in financial services. But even if I do not end up working in financial services, the business knowledge I gained in SBI definitely compliments my economics and history majors. Business plays a role in any line of work and a basic understanding of business concepts is helpful to anyone. This understanding has given me the tools to succeed in the business component of any field, a skill that will be invaluable in the future.  For me, the most memorable experience of SBI had to be the opportunity to work on a comprehensive market strategy for a real company and get to present to their executives. I felt like I was doing work that actually may contribute to a company. As an economics major, most of the work I generally do is theoretical, but being able to do a real world assignment was one of the highlights of SBI for me.