11 Weeks, 11 Reasons Why


Well, well we are only 11 weeks out from the beginning of SBI (that’s 76 days to be exact). So for those of you who have applied- well done. For those of you who still need to- you have time don’t worry, here’s the link so you can apply as soon as possible.

For today’s post, I decided to ask around to some previous “SBI-ers” (if that’s a word) and figure out eleven reasons, one for each week until the program begins, why its a good idea to complete SBI. Basically you have no reason to not apply at the end of this, right?

1. Business makes you well rounded as a non-business major because any job has to deal with some sort of business.

2. For nurses or engineers with strict course requirements, the only time to get this intensive of a minor is summer time.

3. You’ll learn a ton. And learning is pretty cool.

4. You don’t have to worry about anything else- other classes, clubs, or commitments- and can be very successful.

5. You’ll learn necessary life skills like teamwork and problem solving which is always good to have more of.

6. “I’m a ___ major with a business minor” makes you different  and unique to future employers.

7. You’ll actually understand the difference between debit and credit.

8. It’s a good readier for the real world- you learn a lot about business, jobs, being professional. Basically all skills needed to be a functioning, working adult.

9. You learn about a lot of career resources that you might never have found- so it really helpful in developing you job search tactics.

10. The professors are flat out amazing and always there to help you if you need it.

11. It’s fun! You get really close to your class and everyone is always willing to help and work through the material together.

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