Motivational Monday


Happy Monday Folks! Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start already! We are just a week and a half away from break- we are so close, we got this.

I found this motivational video online- it’s a pretty cool video because it takes pop culture references like Tyler Perry, injured athletes, and Steve Jobs for example, and shows how they define success and have found it. It is, in my opinion, interesting to see just how far everyday people can take their talents if they believe in themselves. It’s a short video and there are a ton of uplifting take-aways like the importance of changing should’s to must’s and how that is a huge mindset needed to be successful. Also,  another important idea is that where you plant a seed, all you can do is water it and believe it will grow. I thought that was powerful and definitely applies to anything you do big or small. And one more important thought was to do what you love and have passion for what you do because it is so hard and any rational person would give up. Being in love with what you do makes you work harder than anyone else and thus will be more successful. So I hope it motivates you to be successful in whatever you do today, tomorrow, or the rest of this week.

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