Ambassador Profile: Alexandra Kinnally


Hey all! I’m Alexandra Kinnally, a senior Biochemistry major for White Plains NY with minors in Marketing and (of course) Business! I choose to become an SBI ambassador because of how valuable SBI was to me in introducing me to new fields of study and guiding me to determine a career path. The courses that I took during SBI motivated me to continue learning about business, and I worked toward a Marketing Minor by taking only three additional classes! These extra marketing classes gave me valuable information to talk about during interviews and the professional development skills taught during SBI’s “Professional Success” class helped me land a summer internship with Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, in their marketing department. This internship led to another during the school year at Compas Inc. All these experiences led me to consulting world, and after graduation I will be working as an Analyst for PA Consulting’s Healthcare and Life Science group.

All of these work experiences would not have been possible without the knowledge and skills I gained from SBI. The most valuable thing I can thank SBI for is giving me a contingency plan. I entered Villanova declared as a Biochemistry Major determined to go to Medical School after graduation. However, like so many others, I saw my aspirations change as I continued throughout my college journey. SBI was invaluable in helping me determine what opportunities are truly out there.

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