9 Weeks, 9 Songs


Hello readers- we are officially halfway through the week! It’s seems to be an awful week for everyone with tests and papers and things-so good luck with everything!

So I’m writing this on the gross day that is getting more gray and rainy by the second. How I wanted to spice up the day is by giving you all a new themed playlist that is all songs money and business. And well, since it nine weeks until the start of SBI (don’t forget to apply) I decided to make a list of 9 songs! They are all pretty catchy and just what you need to switch it up on this dreary Wednesday.

1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You (this seemed like an obvious choice) Mulan


2. 9 to 5 Dolly Parton

3. Money, Money, Money ABBA

4. Billionaire Bruno Mars

5. She Works Hard  for the Money  Donna Summer

6. Taking Care of Business Bachman-Turner Overdrive

7. Take the Money and Run Steve Miller Band

8. Baby Girl  Sugarland

9. Working for the Weekend Loverboy

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