TED Talk Thursday


Hello Readers! Today’s TED talk is really cool. I’m going to backtrack a bit to explain why I chose it- but I know you’ll love it. So first of all, I am a big Grey’s Anatomy fan and a few episodes ago, one of the surgeons did a superman pose before this life or death surgery and said that is scientifically proven to increase chances of success. I was intrigued so I did some research and it is most definitely a thing. If you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hand on your hips, and look in the upward direction, it stimulates cortisol release which basically stimulates that feel-good, indestructible feeling.

Now, I had a really hectic week last week- including 4 tests in 48 hours and an interview. So I did the pose for five minutes (that’s how long you are supposed to do it for) before each thing and was very successful for each one. Now- I don’t mean to say I rolled into these tests without studying, did the pose and just kind of hoped for the best. Rather, I did it to get me in the I can do this mind set and that is exactly what it did.

This video talks about the phenomena and I found it to be really interesting. It talks, in general, about a few other tricks that affect our emotions with respects to body language. So watch, enjoy, and do it before your next big thing and see how successful you are!

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