Motivational Monday!


Happy Monday! We are three days from Easter break which is motivation enough to get through this week so I have decided to not make a post today.

Just kidding! We could always use more motivation am I right? Today’s post is an assessment (don’t sweat I promise it’s not for a grade) that determines your  motivational style. I  found it helpful because it addresses how you are more likely to be motivated and how to implement that in your life. There are three types of motivational styles- goal oriented, relationship oriented, and learning oriented. Goal oriented focuses on a style  in which people reach for their goals through a direct and obvious route. Relationship oriented motivation is a kind of motivation where people get a lot out of working with other people. Lastly, learning oriented motivations focuses on the practice of learning, itself, that motivates people. I thought this was interesting identifying what type of motivation I get the most out of and how that affects things I do- so have fun with it and I hope you have a great rest of your week!

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