Ambassador Profile: Robbie Burd


The SBI Ambassadors program was definitely something that I wanted to be a part of because I loved the Summer Business Institute and wanted to help debunk some of the negative myths that I had heard prior to applying for the program.  Business is involved in everything.  It’s pretty hard to not be able to apply most of what you learned during SBI to any major on campus.  As an engineering major, business is never explicitly stated but when we are doing an experiment in the lab and trying to find the most efficient way to do a particular task, while using the least amount of material, I can think about how business is driving this.  One of the reasons we need to be efficient and use the least amount of material is because time and material cost money.

One of the reasons I was given the opportunity to work for a construction management company over the summer is because I understand the business aspects of things.  This company is not simply a construction company, but they are a company that takes a person’s idea and builds it from scratch.  They tell the customer the cost of what they’re building, how long it will take, and actually follow through with the build.  Not only will I be participating in the engineering parts of the construction, but I will be helping manage the finances for the projects and get a firsthand look at how this works.  The only reason I am able to participate in the business aspects of the projects is because of my business background from SBI.

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