TED Talk Thursday


Well it’s that time of the year when every seat in the library is occupied until the wee hours of the morning, backpacks resemble small suit cases carrying all those textbooks, and hands are permanently cramped from rewriting all of those notes. To say our campus is stressed is the understatement of the century. So I figured a TED talk that helps us preserve our fingernails, and manages premature gray hair production would be beneficial to anyone and everyone.

This talk by Kelly McGonigal acknowledges that stress is inevitable and something that everyone experiences. She denounces however, that the negative stigma that stress receives in an issue and that research now demonstrates that stress is only bad if you think it is. She stressed (pun intended) that it is important to look at stress as a positivity. That will help us to focus more, and in turn be less nervous when it comes down to test time or what have you. Hope this helps some with finals–keep breathing ‘cats!

Three Weeks, Three Articles


Happy last Wednesday of the semester friends!!

Well if I haven’t convinced you yet how awesome it is to get a business minor, then well you must be crazy because there is really no reason why you shouldn’t. For all you doing SBI, the official countdown is three weeks (ahhhh). There are so many awesome things that you will be learing from debit versus credit, to major marketing strategies, to supply and demand, to corporate law. Basically, you will be learning all you need to know about business to get you ready for the working world.

This week, I wanted to give you guys some light reading material to, well to distract you, from those all too daunting finals. They are three  (because there are three weeks left) awesome articles that tell you just why it is so cool to have your business minor and what you can do with it. So read, enjoy, distract, and get pumped because it is right around the corner.

1. The Power of a Business Minor

This article highlights just how awesome it is to have a business minor on your resume. It is such a differentiating factor for students of non business backgrounds to stand out in the work world. Business like to hire students who know a thing or two about business, but also like to hire people with non business backgrounds to add a different approach and mind-set.


2. Which Minor.. Makes the Most Sense to Have

This article explores which minor, general business, economic, or accounting is the best for someone to get. The awesome thing about SBI is that you will acquire a general business minor, then if you want to differentiate, all you have to do is take a few more classes and you’ll have a specific minor like marketing or accounting for example.


3. The Major Attraction of  a Business Minor

This article, similar to the first shows just ow much you can do with a business minor. Just because you are an engineer, doesn’t mean you can’t work at on of the big five accounting firms. And having that business background that a minor provides makes you that much more prepare for the field.


Motivational Monday!!


Happy Last Motivational Monday of the semester!! Can you believe that we are three days of classes and just under two weeks away from being done with this semester? I don’t know about anyone else but that severely freaks me out.    know everyone is super busy, but I found this quick excerpt from a motivational speaker given at the Disney Dreamer Academy.

Side note- how cool does that sound? I’d much rather be at a Disney Dreamer Academy than dealing with the impending doom of Anatomy.

Back to my point- the speaker Johnathan Sprinkles (great last name) is giving this great speech to kids highlighting success and motivation. He starts with this idea of “Is it worth it?” He asks is it worth it to get no’s before you get yes’s but what resonated most with me, especially during this time of stress and finals, he asked is it worth it to stay up later and wake up earlier. And it kind of justifies going that extra bit to get the grade you want, and ultimately deserve on these finals. If you stay up that extra bit now and go to bed a bit later and that gets you the grade you wanted, then heck you deserve to celebrate (with a nap maybe). But if you chose to go to bed and figure eh I’ll do it later, well then you can’t be upset when the grade isn’t what you wanted because you didn’t put in that extra amount of time.

So study hard, my friends, find your motivation, whether it is in this little clip, a quote, or just the light of summer at the end of the tunnel. We can do this. Make the last two weeks of your semester count.

Motivational Monday: Make-A-Wish


Happy Monday friends!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend it was the magical Candidate’s Day weekend here at Villanova aka the campus was buzzing with so many potential baby wildkittens. I had the honor of being on the Planning Committee so I am still recovering from that somewhat rough 3:00 am wake up on Saturday. Not ideal, but anything for future Villanovans.

Today’s post is about another organization that I have a lot of involvement with. My sorority’s philanthropy is Make -A-Wish, an incredible organization that grants wishes to terminally ill children all across the world. There are five types of wishes that a child can make. First, I wish to have, where they can ask for any thing they desire. Next, I wish to go, where children can wish to go anywhere like Disney, or a shopping spree at the mall. Third, is I wish to be- one child actually wished to be BatBoy for a day. Fourth, is I wish to meet and lastly there is I wish to give which is actually the newest wish a child can make. The organization is amazing about making children’s dreams come true and I am so happy that I have gotten to help plan our fundraiser for it this semester. That’s right we are having a dodgeball tournament this Friday in support of Make-A-Wish and I encourage everyone to come out and support the awesome cause!

This video here is one of my favorites- it truly encapsulates everything that Make-A-Wish can do. I hope it inspires you to do good things for people and do everything you can to make someone’s wish come true. Wheteher you support Make-A-Wish or another foundation, I hope this motivates you to give back and be the most amazing you that you can be.

6 Weeks, 6 Inspirations


Being in college is such a pivotal time in education. We are able to take classes that we want to, that we think we are interested in, or that we want to because why not? Any class we take shapes how we think about what is going on presently, and influences what we want to do in the future. College is the perfect time to explore and there are so many things that can happen as a result of one class, or an idea that comes to you. We all know that it was a calligraphy class that inspired Steve Job’s to create different fonts on the computer, and that the all to distracting  wonderful Facebook was created in a Harvard dorm by Mark Zuckerberg. Basically there are some really college kids that have been inspired and taken that to the next level to create large, successful companies. Today’s countdown focuses of those awesome kiddos- no different from us who explored their passion and hopefully they inspire you to follow yours. And what better way to explore your own passion by applying to SBI today??

1.  Insomnia Cookies (2003)
Founder: Seth Berkowitz upon craving a late-night sweet treat
College: University of Pennsylvania

2.Snapchat (2011)
Founders: Evan Spiegel & Robert Murphy upon sending a picture that they really wish could have disappeared after sending it.
College: Stanford University

3.WordPress (2003)
Founders: Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little- two college freshman!
College: University of Houston

4.Dropbox (2007)
Founders: Arash Ferdowski & Drew Houston inspired by the difficult time they had with emailing photos and such because they were to big to send.
College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5. HourlyNerd (2013)
Founders: Rob Biederman, Peter Maglathlin, Patrick Petitti & Joe Miller for a class project to help small business flourish with the aid of MBA students
College: Harvard University

6.Modcloth (2002)
Founders: Susan Gregg Koger & Eric Koger- boyfriend and girlfriend at the time who loved fashion, technology.. and each other I guess
College: Carnegie Mellon University
Year Founded: 2002

Ambassador Profile: Rob Kluge


Completing my business minor at SBI was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Villanova thus far. First of all, I learned so much in such a short amount of time about many areas of business. I was challenged academically throughout the summer and I’m sure that the knowledge that I’ve gained will come in handy down the road in my career.

In addition to giving me a basic understanding of business, SBI has given me the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in four years. The credits that I earned last summer put me a year ahead of schedule. So, I’m completing a five year Bachelor’s in Mathematics, Master’s in Applied Statistics program in four years. I believe that, together, the business minor, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree will make me very marketable as I search for a career in the actuarial sciences. Recently, I was offered a summer intern position at an actuary company near my home. SBI gave me a basic business understanding that contributed to my value as a candidate for the position.

I decided to become an SBI Ambassador because I want to impress upon other students the value that SBI can give them. I am very grateful for the opportunities SBI has given me thus far, and am so glad that I spent my summer at Villanova last year.

7 More Weeks


Hello everyone! I hope you had a nice, relaxing, and sunny Easter. For a hot second we actually saw the sun- that was pretty cool. Well here we are again and we are counting down another week until the SBI program begins.  Anyone else go home and stress about what they should do this summer? Well, a good way to spend your summer is by getting a business minor! For those of you who have yet to do so, apply today!

For today’s countdown, I found some really funny business names that gave me a good laugh today and I thought I wold share with you the top seven! Laugh away, folks.

1. This well named Pet store

.Indiana Bones

2. Maybe a little long but aptly named.

Ooooh Girl

3. This probably won’t attract too many customers… and I would be throughly concerned if it did…

BBQ's Tanning Beds

4. Well done.

Pane In The Glass

5. I don’t know about you but I am submitting my application right now.

Boring Business Systems

6.  Really like there theme effort here. Chain Reaction

7.  Not going to lie- I’d go in. Wok This Way