6 Weeks, 6 Inspirations


Being in college is such a pivotal time in education. We are able to take classes that we want to, that we think we are interested in, or that we want to because why not? Any class we take shapes how we think about what is going on presently, and influences what we want to do in the future. College is the perfect time to explore and there are so many things that can happen as a result of one class, or an idea that comes to you. We all know that it was a calligraphy class that inspired Steve Job’s to create different fonts on the computer, and that the all to distracting  wonderful Facebook was created in a Harvard dorm by Mark Zuckerberg. Basically there are some really college kids that have been inspired and taken that to the next level to create large, successful companies. Today’s countdown focuses of those awesome kiddos- no different from us who explored their passion and hopefully they inspire you to follow yours. And what better way to explore your own passion by applying to SBI today??

1.  Insomnia Cookies (2003)
Founder: Seth Berkowitz upon craving a late-night sweet treat
College: University of Pennsylvania

2.Snapchat (2011)
Founders: Evan Spiegel & Robert Murphy upon sending a picture that they really wish could have disappeared after sending it.
College: Stanford University

3.WordPress (2003)
Founders: Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little- two college freshman!
College: University of Houston

4.Dropbox (2007)
Founders: Arash Ferdowski & Drew Houston inspired by the difficult time they had with emailing photos and such because they were to big to send.
College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5. HourlyNerd (2013)
Founders: Rob Biederman, Peter Maglathlin, Patrick Petitti & Joe Miller for a class project to help small business flourish with the aid of MBA students
College: Harvard University

6.Modcloth (2002)
Founders: Susan Gregg Koger & Eric Koger- boyfriend and girlfriend at the time who loved fashion, technology.. and each other I guess
College: Carnegie Mellon University
Year Founded: 2002

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