Motivational Monday!!


Happy Last Motivational Monday of the semester!! Can you believe that we are three days of classes and just under two weeks away from being done with this semester? I don’t know about anyone else but that severely freaks me out.    know everyone is super busy, but I found this quick excerpt from a motivational speaker given at the Disney Dreamer Academy.

Side note- how cool does that sound? I’d much rather be at a Disney Dreamer Academy than dealing with the impending doom of Anatomy.

Back to my point- the speaker Johnathan Sprinkles (great last name) is giving this great speech to kids highlighting success and motivation. He starts with this idea of “Is it worth it?” He asks is it worth it to get no’s before you get yes’s but what resonated most with me, especially during this time of stress and finals, he asked is it worth it to stay up later and wake up earlier. And it kind of justifies going that extra bit to get the grade you want, and ultimately deserve on these finals. If you stay up that extra bit now and go to bed a bit later and that gets you the grade you wanted, then heck you deserve to celebrate (with a nap maybe). But if you chose to go to bed and figure eh I’ll do it later, well then you can’t be upset when the grade isn’t what you wanted because you didn’t put in that extra amount of time.

So study hard, my friends, find your motivation, whether it is in this little clip, a quote, or just the light of summer at the end of the tunnel. We can do this. Make the last two weeks of your semester count.

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