Three Weeks, Three Articles


Happy last Wednesday of the semester friends!!

Well if I haven’t convinced you yet how awesome it is to get a business minor, then well you must be crazy because there is really no reason why you shouldn’t. For all you doing SBI, the official countdown is three weeks (ahhhh). There are so many awesome things that you will be learing from debit versus credit, to major marketing strategies, to supply and demand, to corporate law. Basically, you will be learning all you need to know about business to get you ready for the working world.

This week, I wanted to give you guys some light reading material to, well to distract you, from those all too daunting finals. They are three  (because there are three weeks left) awesome articles that tell you just why it is so cool to have your business minor and what you can do with it. So read, enjoy, distract, and get pumped because it is right around the corner.

1. The Power of a Business Minor

This article highlights just how awesome it is to have a business minor on your resume. It is such a differentiating factor for students of non business backgrounds to stand out in the work world. Business like to hire students who know a thing or two about business, but also like to hire people with non business backgrounds to add a different approach and mind-set.

2. Which Minor.. Makes the Most Sense to Have

This article explores which minor, general business, economic, or accounting is the best for someone to get. The awesome thing about SBI is that you will acquire a general business minor, then if you want to differentiate, all you have to do is take a few more classes and you’ll have a specific minor like marketing or accounting for example.

3. The Major Attraction of  a Business Minor

This article, similar to the first shows just ow much you can do with a business minor. Just because you are an engineer, doesn’t mean you can’t work at on of the big five accounting firms. And having that business background that a minor provides makes you that much more prepare for the field.

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