TED Talk Thursday


Well it’s that time of the year when every seat in the library is occupied until the wee hours of the morning, backpacks resemble small suit cases carrying all those textbooks, and hands are permanently cramped from rewriting all of those notes. To say our campus is stressed is the understatement of the century. So I figured a TED talk that helps us preserve our fingernails, and manages premature gray hair production would be beneficial to anyone and everyone.

This talk by Kelly McGonigal acknowledges that stress is inevitable and something that everyone experiences. She denounces however, that the negative stigma that stress receives in an issue and that research now demonstrates that stress is only bad if you think it is. She stressed (pun intended) that it is important to look at stress as a positivity. That will help us to focus more, and in turn be less nervous when it comes down to test time or what have you. Hope this helps some with finals–keep breathing ‘cats!

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