Fast Five: Meet Blaire Fenniman!


qxategOZERy-72jI-h0Am89QgW25rUDrjkFWrGZ2qux8CS_0fSjW7aa-ipF5ppIvb70y1MATcAkIxPARmz4fP-44XYO4mpsnPhDbdgwjC6gYeTRa91a-Bb9nuZ6cyLxkQDQNOnI7SVxqLRZE2IM7d-9WzGx14sn1w7N9CEw=s0-d-e1-ftBlaire is a senior here at Villanova! She is from Dover, New Hampshire and completed SBI in 2015. She’s a hard-working student, double-majoring in Cultural Studies and Spanish. Last semester, she worked as a community interpreter intern for Spanish-speaking clients at the Villanova School of Law. After graduating from Villanova, she hopes to attend law school herself. Take a look at Blaire’s Fast Five and learn more about her!

#1. Current Netflix addiction?

“I am currently addicted to the new Netflix series ‘Narcos,’ about the life of Pablo Escobar and his reign as a drug kingpin in Colombia.”

#2. All-time favorite movie?

“Mulan. No question.”

#3. What’s on your Villanova bucket list?

“To watch our basketball team win a national championship.”

#4. If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be?

“Natalie Dormer. She plays Margaery in Game of Thrones and is such a good actress.”

#5. Favorite Villanova memory?

“Freshman year my friends and I decided to have a night in at St. Mo’s and we ordered $200 worth of Campus Corner, pigged out, danced, and had a movie marathon all night long.”

Friday’s Fast Five: Meet Taylor Hamilton!


AAEAAQAAAAAAAASfAAAAJDA2YzYwOTU4LTNiMDQtNGFlOS05ZGFjLThjMjY0YWM3OTYzNQTaylor is from Honolulu, Hawaii and graduated from Villanova in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in History. In addition to his business minor, he also minored in Japanese! He has been very busy over the past few years, working with Teach for America and earning his master’s degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University. Today, he is a secondary mathematics teacher and varsity football coach at James Campbell High School in Hawaii. Here is Taylor’s Fast Five!

#1:  Fun Fact

Taylor was an Eagle Scout when he was younger.

#2:  All-time Favorite Movie

Remember the Titans

#3:  Something From His Bucket List

He wants to visit Alaska and see the Northern Lights!

#4:  Someone He’d Like to Have Dinner With

“Chip Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles head coach. I love coaching football and teaching and he is a very knowledgeable guy, so I would want to meet him and learn from him.”

#5:  Favorite Villanova Memory

Being involved in Student Orientation as an OC and on the Steering Committee