Friday’s Fast Five: Meet Brittany Gullone!


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIXAAAAJDNjMTEzNTNhLWQ2YTgtNGQxNC1hNzFiLWZhNGIzYmY0YWQ0ZgBrittany is a 2014 Villanova graduate, originally from Wayne, New Jersey. During her undergrad years, she majored in Psychology and had a Marketing minor, in addition to her SBI Business minor. Brittany interned at Vanguard before joining full-time in the Vanguard Accelerated Development Program. As she nears the end of her program, she is preparing for a role as supervisor of the investment operations division. Here’s Brittany’s Fast Five!

#1. What’s one fun fact about you?

“I won the “best interview” award as a 12 year old in a dance competition (but did not win anything for my actual dance performance).”

#2. What’s your all-time favorite movie?

“Life is Beautiful”

#3. Name one thing from your bucket list.

“Traveling to see and experience the as much of the world as I can.”

#4. What’s your favorite college memory?

“It is difficult to pick just one!  I’d have to say it is a combination of the very first mass and very last mass I attended with my family and the Villanova community.”

#5. Why did you decide to apply for SBI?

“When applying to SBI, I did so because I thought “business is at the heart of everything” – since then, the experiences I have had changed my perspective to “people are at the heart of everything”. It was the combination of my passion for liberal arts (specifically the topic of psychology) and the practical business education I gained through SBI that has contributed to my success since graduating from Villanova.”

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