Wildcats of Wall Street: Elizabeth Carbone Moves on and Moves up


This is the third and final installment of “The Wildcats of Wall Street”; a series highlighting SBI graduates who are beginning full-time positions in the finance and banking industries. If you haven’t read them already, take a look at the first and second profiles in the series, which feature SBI alums Adrienne Galvin and Dave Lander. If you’re interested in learning more about the career opportunities open to SBI graduates, stay tuned for “The Futures Portfolio” a new series that will focus on how SBI alumni from different academic backgrounds have applied their SBI education to a diverse variety of careers. 

Liz Carbone is on the move. To be specific, Liz (SBI 2012, Villanova 2014) has just left the Main Line for new accommodations in Manhattan. Liz is relocating in order to take part in a two-year Leadership Development Program for JP Morgan Chase. While in this full-time, paid position, Liz will rotate between three different job functions in the bank in order to develop a well-rounded understanding of JP Morgan and of the banking industry in general. Liz’s first rotation will be as a Marketing and Product Development Analyst for Chase’s Consumer and Community Bank.

Carbone cropped

Liz’s interest in the banking industry began with her time at SBI. While she went into the program unsure of her career goals, Liz’s experience in SBI piqued her interest in banking as a career and gave her the tools she needed to pursue it. “My background in business is also vital to my success at Chase because I have the confidence to work with my team as well as upper management.” Liz said,  “SBI provided me with the necessary ground work to begin a career in banking.”

Liz built on that foundation by pursuing an internship in the field. She found one with JP Morgan through a networking contact she had developed. “I have realized that one of the most important things about the application process (for both internships and full-time positions) is networking…” Liz notes,   “Do not be afraid to reach out to Alumni, or anyone you know who works in your field of interest.”

Liz’s time as an intern gave her an invaluable understanding of the banking industry that she couldn’t have picked up in a classroom. Liz recommends that students pursue an internship in their field of interest, as “It provides you with the opportunity to see how a business works from the inside, and helps you realize what you may or may not like about certain positions.” Taking on a summer internship can have an additional perk; an internship can serve as an extended evaluation period for potential hires, and many companies will offer full-time positions to interns who make a good impression. This is particularly true in the banking and finance industries. Liz was offered her full-time position at the conclusion of her internship, and consequentially was able to avoid the stress of the senior year job hunt.

On a good day, one can make the drive from Villanova to New York City in just under two hours, but the mental distance between the familiar confines of the college bubble and the hustle and bustle of New York’s financial district can seem far greater. Liz Carbone’s time at SBI helped her to bridge that gap, but her hard work and determination got her the rest of the way. “Be ambitious and do not be afraid to put yourself out there” Liz says.

Wildcats of Wall Street: Dave Lander Plans for the Future


Soon after matriculating at Villanova as a freshman, Dave Lander (Arts & Sciences Economics Major, SBI 2012, Villanova 2014) knew that he needed to adjust his career plans. Dave had planned on pursuing a career in law, but quickly decided that he would be happier pursuing a different path. The only problem was, Dave didn’t know what that other path might be.


After taking SBI, Dave found his answer. He quickly took an interest the finance module of financial management and reporting (FMR). “After taking my first finance course I knew that this was something I enjoyed working in and the job prospects were very lucrative… Also, I would be lying if I said that potential future income didn’t play a large role in my decision to work in finance.” Dave recalls.

Now, Dave has graduated from Villanova and is beginning his financial career in earnest. Dave will soon begin work as a financial advisor for AXA Advisors in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. According to Dave, such a position  is “not your stereotypical job within the world of finance”. As an advisor, Dave will help individuals make the financial arrangements they need in order to retire, send their children to college, and meet their other long-term life goals. A career in financial advising (more commonly known as wealth management) requires the advisor to cultivate relationships with his clients over a period of years or even decades. Dave is confident that his education will serve him well in that respect; “My combination of backgrounds in both business and the arts will help me connect with a broader range of potential clients, and the extensive arts curriculum might improve my communication skills, further improving the results from these interactions.”

That’s not to say that Dave didn’t spend a large portion of his time at Villanova preparing for a career in finance. After graduating from SBI, Dave pursued a second minor in finance. This allowed Dave to take more advanced finance courses, including coursework in corporate finance, equity markets, and fixed income markets. Dave also pursued hands-on experience in the industry by interning at Hightower Advisors,  another firm involved in wealth management. Dave applied to the position at AXA early in the fall of his senior year, and had to go through multiple rounds of interviews before he received an offer.

When looking for a job or an internship, Dave stresses the importance of patience and persistence. “Be sure to apply for as many internships as you possibly can… also, don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back regarding many of your applications.” When one of your applications advances to the interview stage, Dave notes that being relaxed is a key to success – and that interviewees have a good reason to be relaxed. “If you even get your foot in the door, it means that they like you enough to spend their valuable time meeting with you, so you shouldn’t be too nervous.” Dave Lander’s preparation has paid off, and he now has the opportunity to use his background in finance to build a future for himself and for his clients.

The Wildcats of Wall Street: Adrienne Galvin Makes Connections


This post marks the first installment of our series “The Wildcats of Wall Street”, which will highlight SBI who have found full time work in the financial services industry, both on Wall Street and off.

After working at ING as a human resources intern in the spring of 2013, Adrienne Galvin knew that she wanted to work in the financial services industry. That summer, Adrienne took SBI in order to obtain the background in finance that she knew she needed. Adrienne notes that “SBI taught me the fundamentals of finance.  I know that I have a lot more to learn, but SBI gave me the confidence to begin my career in finance.”

Adrienne Galvin

Adrienne’s efforts have paid off. She is slated to begin the Accelerated Development Program at Vanguard Financial. Based at Vanguard’s headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania, the 15 month program will introduce Adrienne to investment analysis, general management, and client relationship management. At the end of the program, she will begin a full-time position at Vanguard.

Adrienne had learned about a similar development program while interning at the Pennsylvania offices of Morningstar, a Chicago-based investment research company, so she searched for a similar program on the East Coast. She came across Vanguard’s program and applied. In preparing for the interview, Adrienne recalls that  “I reached out to two Villanova alums who were more than happy to speak with me and give me some tips for the interview”. Adrienne, who applied to both of her internships through GONOVA jobs, notes that “Villanova has great career resources”. She recalls that SBI helped prepare her for these opportunities as well, as it “gave me the tools I needed to feel confident in my application and interview process”.

While building a strong background in finance, Adrienne remained active in her major; she served as President of Lambda Pi Eta, the Communications honors society. Adrienne believes that her background will suit her well at Vanguard, a firm that prides itself on its client service. Adrienne’s time at SBI was only one step on the way towards her desired career in financial services. Her blended academic background, her aggressive use of Villanova’s career resources, and her industry experience have served her well in pursuing her career of choice.